The district of Nea Chora in Chnia

The district of Nea Chora in Chnia

Nea Chora is a district of Chania located 1 km west from the city center. Especially known for its well-organized beach with golden sand, the harbor and the annual ‘celebration of the Sardine’.

The beach of Nea Chora is a very well organized, with golden sand and not particularly deep. In the depth of the sea is a complex of rocks (Volakas) that protects the beach from the wind. It is known because it is the first choice to beaches in the city and access is carried away from the Venice port. It is worth noting that the beach has infrastructure and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Institution now for Chania municipality is also the annual ‘Sardine Festival’ organized in Nea Chora. The festival aims to show the beauty and the problems of neighborhood.

The festival takes place every year in the picturesque port of Nea Chora, which is a registered trademark in the region